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Adams in court today; tomorrow, back for DUI case

Adams in court today; tomorrow, back for DUI case

Tucson Citizen

Former University of Arizona Wildcat Hassan O. Adams made a brief appearance in Tucson City Court this morning as his lawyer argued to have the City Prosecutor's Office specifiy what he is charged with in a disorderly conduct case.

State law sets up six subsections to the disorderly conduct statute and Adams was broadly charged under the general disorderly conduct heading. Adams is also due in court tomorrow on a DUI charge.

In arguments lasting less than 30 minutes before City Magistrate Jay Cranshaw, attorney Stephen P. Waitt argued that the prosecutor is legally required to specify the subsections being charged.

Assistant City Attorney Michael Raymond told Cranshaw, "There may be six ways a defendant may effectuate disorderly conduct . . . so that's why it is charged that way."

Cranshaw told the attorneys he would review their motions and he set a review hearing for 3:30 p.m. May 15.

At the hearing the misdemeanor charge could be dismissed or a trial date could be set, Raymond explained.

Adams, wearing faded blue jeans and a blue and white striped shirt, sat with Waitt for about 15 minutes before being allowed to leave the courtroom. He made no statement during the time he attended the hearing. He has been allowed to not attend other hearings in the case, with his attorney standing in for him, which is common in many misdemeanor cases.

The disorderly conduct subsections say a person commits disorderly conduct by engaging in fighting, violent or seriously disruptive behavior; making unreasonable noise; using abusive or offensive language or gestures likely to provoke immediate physical

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