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Repeat Offender Programs

Repeat Offender Programs

Interventions Targeting Repeat Offenders

Not many repeat offenders are deterred by broad impaired driving laws. Four alternative sanctioning approaches have proven especially effective at reducing repeat offenses.

Automobile Impoundment: Impounding vehicles after conviction for DUI or driving while suspended can decrease recidivism by an estimated 38% and DUI crashes by about 4%. Overall, per vehicle impounded, enforcement of this law would cost Arizona approximately $800 and save on average $4,100. Arizona in 2005 is beginning a pilot program to look into this, and some counties have already started doing so.

Ignition Interlock: Breath- testing ignition interlocks are designed to prevent anyone with a positive BAC from starting or driving a car. Attaching an interlock to a car for a year after its operator is convicted of driving while intoxicated reduce recidivism by an estimated 75% and alcohol-related fatalities by 7%. It would save almost $8,000 per vehicle equipped. Including equipment and case management costs, interlock costs total approximately $960 per vehicle. Arizona uses this system for drivers convicted of extreme DUI, and for second offense convictions.

Electronically Monitored House Arrest: Electronic monitoring is an alternative to incarcerating repeat offenders. It provides assurance of an offenders presence within an assigned area. Monitoring programs attach a device to the wrist or ankle that relays a continuous signal to a computer and also may require offenders to relay a breath test when prompted by a random phone call. Implementation of this program could decrease recidivism by an estimated 31%, causing DUI crashes to decrease by about 3% in Arizona. Per person arrested, the program would cost nearly $1,400 and could avoid an estimated $5,200 in crash costs and almost $1,800 in incarceration costs.

Intensive Probation Supervision with Treatment: Intensive probation supervision with treatment is an alternative to incarcerating repeat offenders. This early intervention program seeks to reduce alcohol-impaired driving by addressing repeat offenders drinking habits and provides intensive individual counseling and monitoring. Implementation of this program in Arizona could decrease recidivism by an estimated 48%, causing DUI crashes to decrease by 4%. Typically, per person arrested, this program costs approximately $1,200 and can avoid an estimated $5,800 in crash costs and $510 in incarceration costs.

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