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Extreme DUI

Extreme DUI

The penalties for a first offense EXTREME DUI are AT LEAST:

1) 30 days in jail (20 can be suspended if you successfully complete drug and alcohol screening);

2) A fine of $250 plus a surcharge of 80% for a total of $450;

3) In addition to the fine, Arizona law now requires that you pay an additional $250 DUI assessment;

4) In addition to the fine and the DUI assessment, Arizona law now requires that you pay an additional $1,000 Extreme DUI assessment;

5) Your driver's license will be suspended for a minimum of 90 days and may be suspended for up to a year in certain circumstances AND you will have to install, at your own expense, in every vehicle you drive, a certified interlock ignition device that will not allow the vehicle to start unless you can blow into the device and prove you have not had any alcohol.

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