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Arizona DUI Defense Attorney

Arizona DUI Defense Attorney

Do you need an Arizona Lawyer?

When the need for a lawyer occurs a slow panic starts. Take your time in deciding who is going to help you address your situation.

Phoenix Arizona DUI Lawyers

A lot of Arizona Lawyers limit in one area of the law. General practitioners, however, have a wide range of matters that they handle. If your legal matter involves a limited area of law like Family, DUI, Personal Injury and Accident, or Criminal law, then you need to contact a DUI expert. If you are dealing with a general matter, then a general practice Arizona Defense Attorney should be able to help you. Make sure to ask your attorney whether he or she limits in an area of law before you decide to hire them.

There are many ways to find an Lawyer. You can find one on an online attorney directory where information is available about attorneys at their websites. The Arizona State bar association will also have a referral service that can put you in touch with an attorney.

Attorney Kathleen Carey

Kathleen Carey is an experienced and passionate advocate for her clients.

Ms. Carey offers a free initial case evaluation, and will go over the facts of your case, your history, your rights and options.