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Arizona DUI Lawyer

Arizona DUI Lawyer

Society's perspective on DUI (Driving Under the Influence) has changed dramatically over the past several years. DUI is no longer accepted as an unavoidable consequence of automobile travel. More and more, DUI is recognized as a completely preventative crime and, therefore, a very serious offense with severe consequences.

Mandatory jail or prison time, stiff fines, license suspension or revocation, probation or parole and increased insurance costs are some of the consequences of being convicted of DUI.

In 2002, over 80,000 individual DUI / DWI charges were filed in Arizona. However, research shows many people arrested and charged with DUI are not guilty because they haven't had too much to drink.

In many cases, police officers who are overzealous, improperly trained, or who otherwise make mistakes, incorrectly determine a driver who has been drinking is driving while under the influence. Field sobriety tests can be improperly administered and misinterpreted. Breath and blood alcohol testing equipment can malfunction or be improperly used. DUI suspects can be treated unfairly, resulting in important constitutional rights not being provided.

If you feel your DUI charges are unfair, Kathleen N. Carey can help. Kathleen has the expertise, the knowledge and the experience to help you fight these charges and win. Kathleen has helped well over one thousand people in similar circumstances, knows the ins and outs of the judicial system, and is ready to fight to protect your rights.

Attorney Kathleen Carey

Kathleen Carey is an experienced and passionate advocate for her clients.

Ms. Carey offers a free initial case evaluation, and will go over the facts of your case, your history, your rights and options.