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Arizona Impaired Driving Issues

Arizona Impaired Driving Issues

Impaired Driving is an unfortunate and irresponsible act, yet it is around us each and every day. Each of us who encounters an Impaired Driver has the obligation to report that dangerous driver for the sake of our family or someone elses. With the proliferation of mobile/cellular phones, we have a great tool to help curb impaired drivers.

When you see an impaired driver and you have a mobile/cellular phone, please do the following steps:

  • Memorize the license plate of the vehicle and which state it is from.
  • Note the color, type, and make of the vehicle.
    If possible, advise how many occupants of the vehicle.
  • Carefully dial 911 or the telephone # of the nearest police/highway patrol station.
  • Advise the dispatcher/call taker of a possible Impaired Driver.
  • Provide them with a brief description of the dangerous driving.
  • It will also help to provide your name and telephone # in case the arresting officer needs more information.

Please DO NOT do any of the following:

  • Attempt to confront the dangerous driver if they should stop.
  • Drive in an unsafe manner in an attempt to keep up with the impaired driver.

The above information you provide will help law enforcement officers remove these dangerous and impaired drivers from the road.

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