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Child Safety Seats

Child Safety Seats

The Casa Grande Police Department is an advocate of Occupant Protection and Child Passenger Safety. The police department has four certified Child Seat Safety Technicians. These officers are available to inspect and install Child Safety Seats and to teach the parent or guardian the proper installation. If you are interested in the service, contact the Casa Grande Police Department at 421-8700.

Child Restraint Safety Checklist

When traveling with a young child, you need to understand all the facets of child restraints.

At what age is a child restraint no longer necessary?
Is there still a weight restriction for child restraints?
How should I position my child restraint in the vehicle?

Correcting mistakes made when installing child safety seats could save a life. The most common mistakes are:

  • Never place rear facing infants in front seat with passenger-side air bags.
  • Infant (under one year AND 20 pounds) should always face the rear of the vehicle.
  • Child safety seat needs to be anchored in vehicle by a safety belt.
  • Child must be buckled in a child safety seat.
  • Child safety seat harness straps in slot at or below infants shoulder (rear facing) and at or above toddlers shoulder (forward facing).
  • Harness straps need to be snug no more than one adult finger should fit under harness.
  • Harness retainer clip must be at armpit level to hold harness strap properly over shoulders.
  • Vehicle safety belt must hold child safety seat tightly and be threaded through correct belt path of child safety seat.
  • Check child safety seat for correct size/type for childs weight and age.

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