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State DUI/DWI/OUI Attorney List

State DUI/DWI/OUI Attorney List

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Arizona DUI Chart - Arrested for DUI? You need the Arizona DUI Driver's License Flow Chart NOW!

Responsibility In DUI Laws - Concerned citizens who recognize that the current trend in DUI laws is criminalizing and punishing responsible drinkers.

DUI Driver's Guide - Provides useful links to "everything you need to know about DUI." Site created by Lawrence Taylor.

Drinking Driver Arrestees - A service by Joshua M. Dale, Esquire

International Referral Database of DUI, DWI, Impaired Driving, Drinking and Driving, Lawyers & Attorneys

The Drunk Driving Law Center-California DUI / DWI Information - A service by Lawrence Taylor, The Dean of DUI Attorneys

.08% The "55" of DWI Laws & Study of Between-States Comparisons - Information provided by the National Motorists Association

The American Beverage Institute - Good source of DUI-related information

National College for DUI Defense, Inc. - Excellent source of information on drunk driving litigation and defense strategies.

Attorney Kathleen Carey

Kathleen Carey is an experienced and passionate advocate for her clients.

Ms. Carey offers a free initial case evaluation, and will go over the facts of your case, your history, your rights and options.