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DUI Case Processing Pilot Program

DUI Case Processing Pilot Program

AZ is now broadening it's "Rocket Docket" in DUI cases. Of course, innovative ways to "resolved DUI cases" translates to escalated efforts to screw DUI Defendants more quickly than before...

December 13th , 2007

New order signed yesterday, posted today:

The continued examination of innovative ways to resolve Driving under the Influence (DUI) cases in a fair, timely, and cost-effective manner is important to the administration of courts of this state and the citizens that are served. In June 2007, a DUI Case Processing Pilot Program concluded with amazing results.

Due to the pilot program success, the project is being broadened. A number of counties will involve the entire body of limited jurisdiction courts, thereby enabling a more global approach to improving case processing across the entire criminal justice system.

Complete order here.

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