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Extreme DUI results in extreme consequences

Extreme DUI results in extreme consequences

It may bring wails of anguish from the state's judges, but the Arizona State Senate approved a measure denying the option of suspended sentences to people who receive their first conviction of extreme drunken driving. Under Senate Bill 1252, which the Associated Press reported won Senate approval by a 29-0 vote, first-time extreme DUI offenders would have to serve the full 30-day jail sentence the law prescribes. Currently the law lets judges suspend all but 10 days of the sentence if the offender completes a court-ordered alcohol treatment program.

A person commits extreme DUI in Arizona if he or she has a blood alcohol content of 0.15 percent or greater. Supporters say the bill targets drivers who have built up a tolerance to drinking and driving.

Of course, the Senate failed to take into conviction that the State's blood or breath evidence in DUI cases is often ridiculously inaccurate. The idiotic political feeding frenzy inherent in DUI cases continues unabated.

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