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Holiday Task Force

Holiday Task Force

Statewide DUI Task Forces

The State of Arizona has 16 DUI Task Forces deployed throughout the state. The efforts of the officers who volunteer for these task force deployments make the Arizona roads a safer place to travel. Many of the task force deployments coincide with major holidays. These holidays unfortunately add a greater number of impaired drivers to the road. The combination of municipal police agencies, county sheriff's departments, park, tribal, university police departments, and the Arizona Department of Public Safety make the task force deployments a formidable force in the fight against impaired drivers. A few of the task forces and highlights from 2003-2004 are listed below.

East Valley DUI Task Force

The Arizona Department of Public Safety, Mesa Police Department, Chandler Police Department, Tempe Police Department, Phoenix Police Department, Scottsdale Police Department, Gilbert Police Department, Paradise Valley Police Department, and deputies from the Maricopa County Sheriffs Office join forces to remove impaired drivers from our streets. During a 17 day period in November & December of 2003, the Task Force made 2,135 DUI arrests.

Southern Arizona DUI Task Force

The collaboration of the Arizona Department of Public Safety, Tucson Police Department, and University of Arizona Police Department. Officers with the Southern Arizona DUI Task Force arrested 96 suspected drunken drivers over the 2004 Fourth of July holiday weekend.

Southeastern Arizona DUI Task Force

The Southeastern Arizona DUI Task Force comprises the Arizona Department of Public Safety, Safford Police Department; Thatcher Police Department, Eastern Arizona College Police Department, Douglas Police Department, and Sierra Vista Police Department. During the holiday seasons, the task force assembles to combat impaired drivers. The task force deployed 14 times in 2003, resulting in 132 DUI arrests.

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