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How to Hire the TOP DUI-DWI Attorney for Your Case

How to Hire the TOP DUI-DWI Attorney for Your Case

Courtesy of By: William C. Head, Attorney at Law

A conviction for drunk driving or drugged driving can lead to financial devastation, long-term employment problems and cataclysmic personal upheaval. A driving under the influence arrest starts series of complex and stressful consequences for most people, and the consequences of failing to fight these seemingly impossible cases (and sustaining a conviction on your criminal record) can lead to nightmarish scenarios. It is not a surprise, therefore, that many citizens accused of impaired driving offenses diligently search for TOP trial attorneys who focus in challenging the State's charges in these life-changing criminal cases. They want THE BEST POSSIBLE DUI ATTORNEY.

Many questions arise: Does everyone NEED an attorney when charged with D.W.I.? How do you select the right drinking and driving lawyer? If I am financially unable to hire a D.U.I. / OWI attorney, can I get an appointed lawyer? Are public defenders (appointed attorneys) as capable and successful as private attorneys who are at the top of their field?

Hopefully, this article will help you to analyze whether and why you should hire a consultant in fighting DUI cases. Let's start at the beginning.

Do you need an attorney?

The old saying "He who represents himself has a fool for a lawyer" applies to drunk driving law just like it does for most other legal matters. Impaired driving law (alcohol or drugs) is one of the most politically sensitive areas of the American legal system. Although most DUI-DWI-OUI-OWI cases are misdemeanor offenses, the consequences for a conviction can often parallel or exceed some felony punishment. Hence, handling one of these cases without legal counsel can be a life-changing mistake.

Judges fear being defeated in political races based on being "soft" on crime, especially driving while intoxicated [D.W.I.] cases. Police officers are often promoted and given favorable duty based on their "track record" in arresting and prosecuting drunken drivers. MADD has become a formidable political and social juggernaut in America, and has its financial tentacles in various levels of federal, state and local government. Many "hanging"

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