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Huntzinger Pleads Guilty to New DUI Charge

Huntzinger Pleads Guilty to New DUI Charge

(KSL News) A Utah man convicted in a high-profile drunk-driving case ten years ago has pleaded guilty to a new DUI charge.

Laramie Huntzinger was sentenced to one day in jail, a fine and a year of probation, which will include counseling and drug testing.

Huntzinger was arrested in January in Mohave County, Arizona, for driving drunk. Troopers found an open container of alcohol and prescription drugs in his car.

Huntzinger was first convicted of DUI in 1995. Huntzinger, then 16 and unlicensed, sped through a Cottonwood Heights neighborhood drunk and ran down three of his classmates. Two of them died. The third was left with permanent injuries.

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