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Late DUI offenders targeted

Late DUI offenders targeted

Sarah Muench
The Arizona Republic
Feb. 3, 2006 12:00 AM

Chandler police are cracking down on drunken drivers who haven't settled their cases in court, and plan to arrest them early next week at their homes, work or wherever they can be found.

DUI offenders in Chandler with outstanding warrants - people who haven't complied with court orders - could spend time in jail until they pay.

Being taken in as part of a sweep is "embarrassing," Chandler police Detective Livi Kacic said.

"It's just easier for these people to walk into court and see a judge."

In all, Chandler police say the operation stems from an estimated 3,000 outstanding driving under the influence arrest warrants in the city.

Some simply forgot to show up for a court date, Kacic said. Others may have changed addresses and forgot to notify the court. Some just haven't paid their fines.

That's why police are giving them the opportunity to turn themselves in before Monday to avoid being arrested, Kacic said.

"All you have to do is come and post the bond and get a court date, as opposed to the police showing up at your home in front of your family or at work in front of your co-workers," Kacic said.

"They won't have to be handcuffed and arrested and taken in."

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