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Highest Recommendation I can make

Highest Recommendation I can make

I received a DUI. I had never been more upset about a situation in my life. The prospects as they initially appeared to me were complex, humbling and completely overwhelming.

I talked with a couple of lawyers, each explaining a cookbook approach that made things seem very rigid and inflexible. They even explained that in Arizona, that's just the way it would be. After talking with Kathleen, I had a completely different outlook. Arizona, indeed is rigid, but you don't need to just float through the system as it's pawn.

Kathleen described the entire process, as it was likley to unfold. She pointed out junctures where there were several possible directions/outcomes, with the consequences of each. She was clear in explaining what would be expected of ME, when, and how I would need to proceed. She showed how we could go through the process with head held high.

Following that discussion, I immediately committed my journey to Kathleen, and felt like I had a partner throughout the rest of the process.

The support and relationship throughout was a friendly one with interaction where needed. I felt the other lawyers I talked to would have pulled out a folder with a Case # on it, to remind themselves who I was. Kathleen recognized me everytime we talked. Exactly the same with her staff, especially Michelle.

As the process unfolded, Kathleen and her staff (eg. Michelle) were ALWAYS readily availalble. They were reassuring, and clear in their instructions. Above all, they were patient with my (MANY) questions.

I highly recommend Kathleen and her staff to anyone that finds themselves in the unfortunate situation I was in. You won't go wrong here.

5/5 Stars

June 20, 2011

– Mike

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