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New Arizona DUI Consequences

New Arizona DUI Consequences

1. If someone blows into a breath alcohol testing device on a first offense and registers a BrAC of .150 or greater, will he have their car impounded for a month that night unless their sober wife can come get it, if they own the car they are driving?

2. If he refuse the test and blood is taken, there is a $500 fine for refusing the test, and once the blood is drawn and analyzed, the cops go look for the car he was driving if it was his own, to impound it for 30 days?

3. If client refuses the test, and the cops have reasonable cause to believe he was an extreme, i.e. PBT and observations, his car can be impounded?

4. If someone does not have a current insurance card in their car/wallet and are stopped by the cops, the car will be impounded for 30 days? If he had insurance after all, then he has to figure out how to get it back?

5. If someone is rear ended by a drunk driver who speeds away, and calls the cops to report the accident, if he does not have current insurance, his car is impounded for a year? Think of those fees, better not to report the accident.

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