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Scottsdale firm helps fight drunk drivers

Scottsdale firm helps fight drunk drivers

The Business Journal of Phoenix
June 15, 2006 by The Business Journal

Brand Canyon has just finished production of the next installment of the AZ DUI Task Force's "Expect the Max" campaign.

The TV commercial highlights the consequences of a DUI conviction: A man struggles -- and fails -- to catch a bus after having lost his right to drive. The ad is supported by a multi-media blitz also created by the Scottsdale-based branding company for the Arizona Governor's Office of Highway Safety.

The Expect The Max campaign was created a year ago as a way to show the impact of a DUI conviction. Phase I featured ads that debunked defense attorney ads that proliferate the television dial.

Phase II include a courtroom and a Tent City ad that features Sheriff Joe Arpaio to call attention to the enforcement of the law.

Phase III is designed to highlight the impact a DUI conviction has on a person's lifestyle. In the bus stop television spots, shot in both English and Spanish, a business professional tells his tale of DUI woe while trying to catch a bus.

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