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The DUI Exception to the Constitution

"The DUI Exception to the Constitution"
by Lawrence Taylor

I hope to convince you in the next hour, some of you, convince some of you, in the next hour that the greatest single threat to our freedoms, the freedoms set forth in our Bill of Rights to our Constitution. The single greatest threat is not from China. I don't think it's from Afghanistan. I don't think it's from the extremists of the Muslim world. The threat as it has always been throughout history is internal. It is from within. I do not think it is from the American Communist party or extremists on the right. I hope to convince a few of you the greatest single threat to our freedoms today is a group of American housewives. They call themselves the Mothers Against Drunk Driving, MADD.

I am fully aware that some of you belong to MADD. And I am certainly not here to make fun. Many of you who are in MADD are--have had tragic losses at the hands of drunk drivers. Others of you here do not belong to MADD, but you have contributed to MADD and many more of you here, perhaps most of you here, are in complete sympathy with their goals and their activities. But I hope to convince you after one hour that you might want to reassess your view of that particular organization.

And I do not take them lightly in terms of their intentions. But we know that throughout history it is the well-intentioned zealots--those who believe strongly in the rightness of their cause--that are most willing to impose those ideas upon others. I do not, by the way, for a moment suggest that we should legalize drunk driving. I'm going to make that clear at the outset. But it is the true believer who is the greatest threat. And I should at the outset acknowledge my tremendous debt to Mr. Eric Hoffer who wrote the book, The True Believer. He was a longshoreman when I was going to school at Berkeley in the 60's. He did not have a high school education, but was teaching Philosophy at the University of California Berkeley and wrote this tremendous little jewel of a book that has been terribly influential in my own thinking.

I would like you to imagine for a moment that you've gone to a friend's house for dinner. In the course of a very good dinner you've had a couple of glasses of a good Shiraz and it is now time to drive home.

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