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Traffic Enforcement

Traffic Enforcement

The Community Traffic Safety Unit is responsible for the prevention and investigation of motor vehicle accidents and for the enforcement of traffic laws within our city. The officers in this unit have attended accident reconstruction training and child passenger safety certification. In addition to enforcing traffic statutes, these officers routinely work with the Pinal County D.U.I. Task Force to remove intoxicated drivers from the county's roadways.

The Traffic Enforcement Unit consists of Motor Officers: Robb Fountain, Greg Ewer and Victor Garcia.

The University of Arizona Police Department is committed to traffic safety on the University of Arizona campus, adjacent streets and planning boundaries. In order to accomplish this task, various methods of enforcement are employed. Perhaps the most visible is the use of motorcycle officers. Motorcycle Officers are specifically tasked with enforcement of those moving violations that have the highest potential for creating safety issues. Enforcement is not only directed to vehicles but also to bicycles and pedestrians.

Each motor officer is equipped with the latest speed measuring devices such as RADAR & LIDAR (laser) equipment. Officers have no quota to meet and have total discretion of issuing a citation, written warning or verbal warning for violations. Traffic enforcement is also accomplished through the use of an unmarked police vehicle equipped with radar capable of monitoring vehicles from the front or rear.

The University of Arizona recently acquired a speed measuring trailer from the Governor's Office of Highway Safety (GOHS). This trailer is placed around campus to help educate the motoring public visiting the UA area & campus by showing drivers their speed. The trailer can also be utilized to conduct traffic counts that assist in analyzing campus street usage and identifying areas where speed violations are an issue. Don't be surprised if you see the speed trailer and a motor officer both together enforcing speed limit laws.

The University of Arizona Police Department takes a zero tolerance stand concerning DUI. UAPD has and will

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